Heroes Don’t Have to Wear Capes

Last week, as our local schools shifted to teaching from virtual classrooms, one of our team members tuned in to her daughter’s class. Much to her surprise, she saw Amy Kimbley, the principal of Wester Elementary dressed up as a United Supermarkets employee for their school’s “Hero Day.”

Here’s what Amy had to say about why she was dressed up:

Heroes don’t always have to wear capes. Sometimes they stand behind counters, wear aprons and stock shelves.  During this pandemic they are on the frontlines, many times without protective gear, trying, with all their might, to help their community. When I was thinking about which essential personnel I wanted to honor, I began thinking about what would exemplify stability and comfort.  Nothing in Lubbock says more about stability and comfort than the United Family. It has truly been a family member in Lubbock as long as any of us can remember. We all shop at United. It’s like a neighborhood friend and as such is comforting. Again, I was looking for things that showed stability, comfort, and reassurance that everything is going to be okay.  United immediately came to mind as it meets all of those standards. I want to thank all United employees for ensuring a degree of normality in these abnormal times.” 

We loved getting to see Principal Kimbley’s costume, and we are so appreciative of her support during these challenging times. We know as a principal, she was undoubtedly facing an incredibly tough week, and we think it was amazing that she took the time to think of us. While we work constantly to deliver ultimate service, regardless of the situation, we enjoy getting to share encouragement like this example from Principal Kimbley to our team members who are working so hard every day to keep our stores clean, safe, and as stocked as possible 

We would like to pass along the spirit of encouragement back to our teachers and school administrators, who have quickly adapted the entire structure of education. We also feel for the parents, the health care professionals, the small business employees, the restaurant owners, and everyone else who has been impacted by this horrible virus. Please know that we are cheering you on as we all work to make the best a tough situation. While staying apart, we know we can make it through this by standing together. It doesn’t take a cape to spread kindness. Today, we can all be heroes.