Team Members’ Halloween Spirit

Team Members' Halloween Spirit

Halloween is a magical time of year. The holiday is filled with laughter, creativity, and a little bit of spookiness. It’s a special day when people dress up in fun costumes to celebrate. 

Did you know? The origin of Halloween began long ago when some people believed that on October 31 the boundary between living people and spirits became blurred. To keep the mischievous spirits away, people would dress up in spooky costumes, pretending to be one of them! 

As time has gone by, this tradition turned into a joyful celebration, where we all get to be our favorite characters, from superheroes to princesses, and everything in between. Halloween is a day to let our imaginations soar. When we put on our costumes, we become part of a story where everyone can join in the fun. So whether you’re a spooky ghost, a brave knight, or a friendly witch, Halloween is the perfect time for imagination to fly. 

Speaking of costumes, check out some United Family team members who helped make this year’s Halloween feel extra magical and spooky, all at the same time!