28 Days to Make a Change

28 Days to make a change

Beginning with the new year, The United Family launched its 28-Day Challenge, a month of savings and prizes for guests as they begin their wellness journeys in 2024. 

As a company, we are ready to help guests and team members embrace a lifestyle of mindful choices, nourishing their minds and body. Throughout this initiative, guests and team members alike can use an interactive list of challenges developed by the health and wellness team to assist them in making realistic goals, prioritizing self-care, and cultivating positive habits.

“This 28-Day Challenge is all about giving people an opportunity to get their 2024 wellness journey started on the right foot,” said Brenda Garcia, health and wellness manager and registered dietitian for The United Family. “When people sign up, they can participate in daily challenges that help introduce and reinforce positive lifestyle habits.”

These daily challenges include learning how to track progress, power up breakfast, boost fiber intake, and more. In addition, guests and team members will find activities, articles, quizzes, and a variety of other content to give them the tools they need for success.

Guests will even have a chance to win access to special deals and a grand prize of $500. Team members are encouraged to participate and receive awesome digital deals, but are ineligible to win the grand prize sweepstakes.

For those looking for something outside of the digital space, guests and team members in Lubbock and the DFW area can sign up for a store tour with one of our registered dietitians at a Market Street location near them.

“So many of us have the desire to use the new year as a catalyst for positive change in our lives,” Garcia said. “And we know that knowing where or how to start can be difficult. We hope this 28-Day Challenge will connect guests and team members with tools to start their wellness journey or help keep them on track with what they’ve already started.”

For more information or to sign up for the challenge, visit these links below, depending on store choice: