Vest Assured, United Values Safety

Vest Assured, United Values Safety

In an era dominated by convenience, The United Family continues to stand out by embracing a thoughtful approach to guest service. 

Introducing the United Division Safety Vest Program, this initiative ensures that team members wear neon yellow safety vests when assisting guests with carry-out services in the parking lot. The concept prioritizes safety by enhancing the visibility of the team members as they carry out guests’ groceries. The community has responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback, appreciating The United Family’s commitment to both convenience and safety. 

“Reflective vests are vogue at United these days,” mentioned in an Albertsons Companies article. “Carrying out groceries has been a United Supermarkets staple for more than 100 years. United team members are trained to go the extra mile to provide exceptional guest service and deliver a safe working environment that now includes bright yellow safety vests. Team members and guests have expressed that the vests keep team members safe while assisting guests to their vehicles with their groceries. And, yes, the team wears them well.” 

In a world that constantly evolves, The United Family’s simple yet effective idea proves that a touch of extra consideration goes a long way.