Black History Month: Vizo’s

Black History Month: Vizo's

This February, The United Family is honoring Black History Month.

The United Family, known for its commitment to supporting local businesses, spotlighted Vizo’s African Bar and Restaurant in a unique partnership for Black History Month. The collaboration not only brings flavorful dishes to guests but also sheds light on the rich tapestry of the community.

At United, we celebrate all life has to offer, most notably food. Food is more than a need we all have to survive; it is the lifeblood of culture, as we gather together to create the moments that make us who we are. At Vizo’s, a locally owned restaurant in Lubbock, TX, chefs and business owners Victor and Ashley have created moments where their culture and history come to the table to meet with West Texas tradition. 

“We wanted to expose African culture in West Texas through food,” said Victor and Ashley. “When it comes to black culture, we want to separate the stereotypes from the actual reality, which is why Black History Month is so important. It puts a spotlight on those realities and culture.”

Victor and Ashley bring the flavors of their history to West Texas by sharing their culture through cuisine. Together, they opened Vizo’s African Bar and Restaurant in Lubbock, in 2019. Vizo’s, although once just a nickname, has grown into much more. It is now a testament to how food can expand culture into the community. Vizo’s provides Lubbock and surrounding communities a pillar of connection and life around food. At United, we strive to do the same thing with our guests through food and learning to appreciate new flavors as we serve the community. 

Want to Make one of Victor & ashley's recipes? Use the Link below!