VIDEO: Recipe for Change – Earth Day 2024

Recipe for Change - Earth Day 2024 Videos

Through innovation and teamwork, The United Family works daily to maintain a more sustainable business. If you’ve ever wondered about the impact of our sustainability initiatives, you’re in luck. Below are some fun facts about the positive impact our company has every day.

  • By transitioning weekly ads to a digital format in many of our markets, we save 600 tons of paper each year, the equivalent of 15,000 trees! 
  • Last year, the company recycled more than 2.4 million pounds of food waste through the Organix Recycling program. 
  • Also in 2023, the company also recycled 70,000 pounds of plastic and more than 17,000 tons of cardboard.

From reusable egg cartons to LED lighting, The United Family is always looking for ways to be better for the planet. United takes pride in doing our part in reducing waste and making common sense changes that help our planet and our profitability. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, watch the videos below to see how we create our Recipe for Change.

Video #1: Watch and listen as Cash Eagan, VP & GM of Llano Logistics, explains all of the ways our Distribution Center works to be more sustainable each day. From recycling plastic and cardboard to using LED lighting, the DC makes positive impact on the planet every day. 

Video #2: If you’ve ever wondered how much we recycle each year, you’re in luck! Watch and listen as Emma Spoon, communications specialist, calculates the immense impact of The United Family’s sustainability initiatives.