Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage: Exploring Asian Flavors at Market Street

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage: Exploring Asian Flavors at Market Street

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! This annual celebration honors and celebrates the influence and the many accomplishments and contributions that Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Hawaiians have made to American Culture. This celebration was proposed to the American Senate in 1977 and first came into fruition in 1979 as a week-long event. In 1992, it was made into a month-long celebration by President George H. W. Bush. Since then, every May has been dedicated to celebrating these individuals!

This month, we are excited to feature some special products that we carry in The United Family stores:

  1. Japanese-created, American favorite: Pocky

The Pocky snack was created by the Japanese company Ezaki Glico in 1966. The idea for this thin, chocolate-covered biscuit stick was inspired by the success of another Glico product called “Pretz,” a popular pretzel stick snack. Over the years, Pocky has become one of Japan’s most beloved snacks, and because of its spreading popularity, various flavors and variations have been created and loved just as much by Pocky fans. There are over 50 Pocky flavors, but the most favored are Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Banana, and Matcha Green Tea. Visit select United Family stores to try some of these delicious flavors!

  1. Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snack

Annie Chun, the founder and innovator, grew up in South Korea. After moving to the United States, she noticed a gap in the market for convenient, healthy, and authentic Asian food. Because of this, she set out to create high-quality and healthy Korean cuisine. Annie’s seaweed snacks quickly gained popularity because of their low-calorie count and incredible flavor. Annie Chun’s has expanded and grown exponentially over the years, and The United Family is proud to carry a brand that has remained so true to its roots. Next time you’re out and about, grab a pack of one of the many flavors!  

  1. BobaVida’s Watermelon Popping Boba 

Popping boba originated in Taiwan in the early 2000s as a variation of the traditional tapioca pearls used in bubble or boba teas. In Taiwan, they are known as “Q-balls” or “juice balls” and were created as a new type of boba topping. This type of boba quickly gained popularity in America due to the influence of Asian-inspired restaurants and boba tea shops, which are now a part of mainstream beverage culture. Today, this popping boba is enjoyed in drinks and snacks such as smoothies, frozen yogurt, cocktails, and traditional milk tea. These Watermelon Popping Boba packs can be poured into your favorite drink or used as a topping on your sweet treat! The opportunities are endless.  

The United Family is proud to carry these brands that highlight AAPI traditions and cultures not just during May, but year-round!