The United Family’s Tribute to Courage: Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day

The United Family's Tribute to Courage: Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day

May can sometimes be one of the busiest months of the year. Kids are out of school, graduations are left and right, and because the weather is warming up, your weekends are spent re-landscaping your flowerbeds or opening up your pool for the summer.

May is one of the most special months because of Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day. May is a month for The United Family to appreciate our veterans in all capacities!

Military Appreciation and Memorial Day History

National Military Appreciation Month was established within the U.S. Senate in 1999, thanks to the efforts of Senator John McCain and Representative Duncan Hunter. This month is all about honoring those in uniform – from the men and women on duty to the veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day, with its roots tracing back to the aftermath of the Civil War, used to be called Decoration Day. It was proclaimed in 1868 to be first celebrated on May 30 by decorating the graves of soldiers with millions of flowers in the Arlington National Cemetery. As time marched on, the day evolved to honor all fallen American military members, not just Civil War Veterans. The name “Memorial Day” became more common after World War II, and it was officially designated by federal law in 1967. The following year, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which moved Memorial Day from May 30 to the last Monday in May. 

The United FAmily's Dedication to our veterans

Beginning in 2021, The United Family Diversity Council created a Veteran Pin program where United Family’s own U.S. veterans could display their service. These pins were designed to be worn directly on name tags so fellow team members and guests can recognize and celebrate veterans, and see which branch of the military they served, but not only is it important for The United Family to recognize the importance of these pins, it’s essential that team members and guests understand what they mean!

We extend our deepest appreciation to the veterans of The United Family, both Team Members and Guests. Your experiences and leadership enrich our workplace and communities. Your dedication to service, both in and out of uniform, sets a powerful example for all of us! Thank you, veterans, for your service, sacrifice, and steadfast commitment to protecting our freedom. Happy National Military Appreciation Month and Happy Memorial Day! 

Get your Veteran name badge pin today!

If you are a U.S. veteran who has not received a pin, CLICK HERE or scan the QR code to submit your request for a pin in your branch of service!