Our Supermarket’s Super-Dads

Our Supermarket’s Super-Dads

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked some team members whose husbands and fathers also work for the United Family to share stories of our Supermarket’s Super-Dads!

First, in the Father’s Day video, we hear from Valerie Lawrence as she shares a sweet story about her dad, Todd Buchanan, being a super-dad. Next, Jessica McPherson shares a story about how her dad, Tony Crumpton, who made The United Family a part of her childhood. 

Our Director of Asset Protection, Marcus Young, shares a poignant tribute to his late father, Mike Young. Mike, who served The United Family for many years, was a man with a unique communication style known as “Youngisms.” His honor, humility, and integrity left an indelible mark on all who knew him. 

Trying to describe my dad to someone who never met him is challenging.  He was a unique man that had his way of communicating called “Youngism’s”. He was a man of honor, humility, and integrity.  Nothing makes me happier to hear stories of how he impacted someone’s life or career. I’m proud of the legacy he left and the wisdom and guidance he gave me.”

Lastly is the mother-daughter duo Carissa and Maddi Silers! They share about Ricky Siler.

“Hi, my name is Maddi Siler, and I am a Front End Lead at United on 4th and Milwaukee. My dad has worked for United for most of my life as a General Merchandise Manager at many different stores in Lubbock. As a United family member, my dad has not only inspired me to be a hard worker in the store atmosphere but also to apply the same work ethic to everything I do. United has provided many opportunities for my father to be able to not only provide for my family financially but also provide my sister and me with candy! One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was when my dad had department meetings to discover the new candy and other items coming into his department. He would always come home with the best treats, and my sister and I were always so proud to have the candy man as our father!” 

“Hello! My name is Carissa Siler. I am the Accounts Receivable Supervisor and have been with the company for 33 years. My husband, Rick Siler, is the General Merchandise Manager at #502 and has worked for United twice for a combined total of more years than I have. 

Rick and I have been married for 22 years and have two daughters in college. At one time, all four of us worked for United at the same time. A coworker actually set us up, which is what led to us dating and getting married. We had briefly met several years prior through work but had yet to get to know each other. 

Rick is a wonderful husband and girl dad. He is a good listener, encourager, and supporter and would do anything we needed him to. He is hardworking and very knowledgeable about the grocery business. He leads by example and enjoys teaching others what he has learned in his many years with the company. Rick brings out the best in me and inspires me regularly!

I wish Rick and all of The United Family’s hard-working fathers a Happy Father’s Day!”