12 Acts of Kindness for the Holidays

12 Acts of kindness for the Holidays

In the spirit of joy, community, and groceries, The United Family embraces the magic of the season with 12 Acts of Kindness for the Holidays. As we continue to strive for superior performance in providing quality products, our mission extends beyond the aisles to continue to foster a positive impact and ultimate service. 

Join us in celebrating the true essence of the holiday season by embracing kindness, creating memorable moments, and contributing to the well-being of our communities, and our grocery store families. Let’s unwrap this holiday season with love and compassion! 

Need some inspiration on how to do that? Check on the list of 12 kind things you can do this holiday season to spread joy and kindness!

  1. Compliment Challenge: Challenge your fellow team members to compliment at least three of their co-workers or guests each day, spreading positivity within the workplace.
  2. Tech Help Outreach: Offer assistance to someone struggling with technology, embodying kindness through patience and support.
  3. Mystery Snack Jar: Place a jar of snacks in the break room in your store, encouraging fellow team members to enjoy a snack during their allotted break. 
  4. Handwritten Holiday Letters: Write heartfelt holiday letters to friends, family, and coworkers, expressing gratitude and warm wishes. 
  5. Meal Sharing: Cook an extra portion of a holiday meal and share it with a neighbor who may be spending the holidays alone or facing difficulties.
  6. Christmas Tree Decorators: Offer to decorate the Christmas tree at your store, or for an elderly family member or friend… someone who may find it challenging to do so themselves. 
  7. Wellness Gift Bags: Prepare wellness gift bags containing items like hand sanitizer, stress relief items, and cozy socks to show appreciation for health and well-being.
  8. Recognition Wall: Create a recognition wall where team members can post notes of appreciation for their colleagues, fostering a positive and supportive work environment. 
  9. Volunteer Opportunities: Grab your co-workers and check with your supervisor for U-Crew and A-Team opportunities. Volunteer together as a team, fostering a sense of community and giving back. 
  10. Holiday Card Exchange: Organize a holiday card exchange among team members, providing an opportunity for heartfelt messages of appreciation.
  11. Themes Appreciation Days: Dedicate specific days to appreciate different departments or teams within the store, recognizing their unique contributions and the talent they bring to the team each day.
  12. Random Acts of Appreciation: Conduct surprise acts of appreciation, such as handing out small gifts or notes of gratitude to team members throughout this holiday season.