Brewing Success with #986 Starbucks Team

Brewing Success with #986 Starbucks Team

In the bustling world of retail, where service and guest experience reign supreme, the Albertsons Market #986 Starbucks has become the go-to hotspot for guests thanks to the hard work of its team. In fact, the team did so well that they were recognized for their outstanding performance.  

In fall 2023, the #986 Starbucks team in Santa Fe was awarded the Starbucks Team of the Quarter!

What sets them apart? It’s a delicious blend of ultimate service and unmatched financial performance. Their knack for not just meeting but exceeding expectations shined through in the feedback from guests. From July to October of 2023, the team was at 100 percent guest connection, which is typically a hard standard to maintain. This team has led the company in guest connection scores for several months! 

“I am truly honored to work with such a great Starbucks team,” said Isaiah Garcia, store director for Albertsons Market #986. “They continue to raise the bar in all categories and never settle for ‘just getting by.’ This team knows almost all regulars by name and can tell you something about their personal life. This team truly makes a difference in guests’ lives one cup at a time” 

Even amid changes, this resilient team has not only maintained but elevated their sales and overall growth. Their achievements placed them among the top three teams in the entire United division, a testament to their unwavering dedication. 

“Their exceptional leadership contributes significantly to their success,” said Carlos Hernandez, RVP for The United Family. “It’s impressive to witness the team maintaining this positive trajectory, especially after a significant change in management. It reflects the effectiveness of their well-established systems of how to run the business.” 

What truly sets the #986 Starbucks team apart is their personal touch. They’ve mastered the art of treating their guests like family, creating a welcoming environment that turns routine errands into pleasant engagements. 

As guests sip their lattes, they’re not just enjoying coffee; they’re savoring an outstanding guest-service experience that’s as good as their freshly brewed beverages from this amazing Starbucks team.