Lunar New Year Celebration

Happy Lunar New Year!

As Lunar New Year approaches, our store teams are excitedly buzzing, ready to usher in the Year of the Dragon with festive floral displays. The Lunar New Year is deeply rooted in tradition, marking the beginning of the lunar calendar and symbolizing renewal and good fortune. 

Originating in China, the Lunar New Year has a rich history that spans thousands of years. Families gather for reunion dinners, exchange red envelopes for good luck, and partake in various customs to ensure a prosperous year ahead. It’s a time of joy, reflection, and the anticipation of new beginnings. 

Our grocery stores have crafted stunning Lunar New Year floral displays to honor this cultural celebration, incorporating traditional symbols like orchids and peonies. These flowers represent beauty and good luck and add a touch of elegance to our stores. The vibrant colors and intricate arrangements are a visual feast for our guests and team members.

We invite our communities to celebrate the Lunar New Year, appreciating the cultural diversity that enriches our neighborhoods and embracing the promise of prosperity in the year ahead. 

Here’s to good fortune!