Become Happy + Nourished With These Featured Summer Recipes!

Become Happy + Nourished With These Featured Summer Recipes!

Have you heard of the Happy + Nourished blog, managed by The United Family’s team of registered dietitians? If not, you’re in for a treat!

Their blog is filled with useful information and tips for healthy living here. Brenda and Taylor, our registered dietitians, have also curated a perfect list of recipes that can be found here on the Market Street website. These five featured recipes below are just a small glimpse of what they offer.

They are TASTY and will bring the summer spirit into your kitchen!

1. Blackberry Lemonade 

This homemade lemonade with a blackberry twist is the perfect summer staple with a twist. Perfect for a group of friends chatting on the back patio or summer gathering in the yard! CLICK HERE for the recipe. 

2. Grilled Avocado Fruit Salad

This recipe screams ALL THINGS FRESH! All the summer colors and flavors blend together with this green take on the classic fruit salad. CLICK HERE for the recipe. 

3. Blueberry Smoothie Bars

These chilled breakfast bars will surely have your day started on the berry best foot. With bananas, blueberries, coconut cream, lemon juice, and granola as your only ingredients in these bars, they truly are the epitome of fresh and delicious. CLICK HERE for the recipe. 

Two open faced fish taco's topped with a bright color mixture of salsa.

4. Baja Grilled Tacos 

Nothing says summer quite like firing up the grill for these Baja Grilled Tacos! This recipe shares the best way to cook your fish and includes a fresh, Mexican-inspired slaw to top it with! CLICK HERE for the recipe. 

5. Barbecued Salmon Sandwiches 

Last but not least is a barbecued salmon sandwich. Chicken, turkey, and beef usually sit in the hall-of-fame of barbecued food, but it’s salmon’s time to shine. These delicious salmon sandwiches are light and tasty, and perfect for a summer lunch or dinner! CLICK HERE for the recipe.