Human Trafficking Awareness & the Texas Blue Sand Project


Oftentimes, people assume crimes like human trafficking happen in far-off countries and not here in the United States. The unfortunate reality is that it does happen right here in our own communities. 

Part of the problem surrounding this issue is the simple fact that people don’t realize that it happens in their own backyard. That’s where the Texas Blue Sand Project comes in.

Coinciding with Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the Texas Blue Sand Project is an initiative that supports victims and survivors of human sex trafficking. The program was developed by the Texas Attorney General’s office with the goal of raising awareness about the harsh realities of human trafficking. Texas ranks among the highest states in reported human trafficking cases, making it imperative for us to take a stand against this heinous crime.

Here’s how it works: On January 26, people across the state are encouraged to spread blue sand in the cracks of sidewalks. This represents how communities can prevent victims from falling through the cracks by raising awareness and education about human trafficking.

At the forefront of this movement in Lubbock are One Voice Home, Voice of Hope, and Open Door, a group of non-profit organizations dedicated to combating human sex trafficking and supporting survivors on their journey to reclaim their lives. Four years ago, they asked The United Family to get involved and we jumped at the opportunity.

From January 11 to January 26, all United Express locations in Lubbock will be distributing free bags of blue sand to guests and team members so they can participate in the initiative. After spreading the sand on January 26, community members can share a picture on social media with #TXBlueSandProject. 

In addition to helping provide blue sand to the community, United Express locations as well as all United Family store locations are joining the effort by continuing the human trafficking hotline sticker campaign. The stickers will be sent to every store and fuel station across The United Family’s area of operation. It will include both a hotline number for victims to call and a number to text.

As we all stand behind the Texas Blue Sand Project, it becomes a beacon of hope for survivors, proving that compassion and support can lead to a brighter, more resilient future. Together, we can forge a path toward a world where every individual is free from exploitation, embracing a future defined by empowerment, strength, and, above all, hope. 

To learn more about Human Trafficking Awareness Month and the Texas Blue Sand project, visit this LINK. If you want to get your team involved with the project next year, please reach out to