A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith: The United Family's Teresa Tomlinson's Journey of Fulfillment

In December of 2017, after 13 years with another grocery retailer, one brave soul took a leap of faith and joined the team at Market Street #685 in Frisco. Little did she know, it would mark the beginning of a transformative journey — one filled with challenges, growth, and immense fulfillment. This is a story about team member Teresa Tomlinson, receiving manager.

Transitioning to a new role and opening a brand-new store posed its hurdles, yet seven years down the line, Teresa can’t help but marvel at the profound sense of belonging and camaraderie she found at Market Street #685. The bond she shares with team members is nothing short of heartwarming, and each day feels like a blessing to Teresa.

In a heartfelt message to fellow receivers, Teresa shares invaluable insights learned through her journey. She emphasizes the importance of passion and love for the job, recognizing receivers as the backbone of any United Family store. From invoice processing to ensuring vendor accountability, she stresses the significance of their role in maintaining store integrity. 

Acknowledging the unwavering support received along the way, Teresa is grateful for mentors like Barbara Taylor and Connie Mendoza, whose guidance helped shape her path. Her dedication not only benefits the store but also directly aids the accounting team — an aspect she takes immense pride in.  

Beyond work, Teresa cherishes moments spent with loved ones — a Saturday date night with her spouse, cherished time with her daughter and granddaughters, and an annual beach trip brimming with bonding and memories. 

Teresa imparts a powerful message: strive to be the best version of oneself, even if it goes unnoticed by others. By embracing change and pursuing excellence, one can find profound purpose and pride. 

With each day, Teresa continues to inspire others with her dedication and contagious zest for life — a testament to the transformative power of taking a leap of faith. The United Family is forever thankful that Teresa is part of the team!